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bakim学家卢卡斯博士是澳门葡京赌场第13任校长。他专注于学生的成功战略,学习成绩优秀,创业型企业和品牌信誉。根据博士。卢卡斯的方向,大学推出‘RVA VUU是’伙伴关系与里士满市和里士满公立学校的固化,以学术,经济,医疗和市民的支持更多地进入那些生活在大里士满地区。此外,创新的人才保留和招聘行动,追求最好的,导致了90%的保留率从秋天到春天学期。它是在澳门葡京赌场的历史保留的比例最高。

Dr. Lucas has nearly two decades of progressive leadership experience in higher education. His career successes include fundraising, strategic planning, and the engagement and retention of students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He is an avid proponent of civic engagement, particularly at the local level, through city and state leaders and non-profit organizations. He stands on the maxim “Education is our Social Justice” and encourages students to find a social justice cause that is meaningful to them. He earned an appointment to serve on the City of Richmond 历史 & Cultural Mayor Levar Stoney. In addition, he sits on several boards including: Partnership for Families, Southern Education Foundation, Venture Richmond, and the SunTrust Advisory Council.